Another Year!

It's 2019. It's a new year, and that year is full of chances. Chances to get back in contact with people you've disregarded before, chances to start up new things and return to the old, chances to promise yourself that you'll be better. A new year popping up was never exactly special to me. I've … Continue reading Another Year!


FFfAW Challenge #196: I Knew

Photo provided by Akshata Ram I knew that it wasn't much. My kids always came back home from school -- whining, crying, beaten up. They believed they were different from the other kids because our family wasn't as financially blessed. What would they think now? They would go back to school, and the teacher would ask: "So what did … Continue reading FFfAW Challenge #196: I Knew

Sunday Photo Fiction: Forever a Failure

Photo credit: Susan Spaulding When it came to my family, I was a failure. My siblings were expert swimmers, and my parents won swimming championships throughout their lives. My family was always drowned with praise, but whenever people looked at me, I was the black sheep- I couldn't swim. Despite that, there was one thing … Continue reading Sunday Photo Fiction: Forever a Failure

A Day of College: Exam Season (+ Helpful Exam Tips)!

It's that time of the month. Exam season is here, and every college student (a few highschoolers, too) right now is trembling in a corner, crying, or feeling an extreme wave of de-motivation. If you're like me, you're probably feeling a bit of both. If you're in the 10% (not a real statistic) that formulate … Continue reading A Day of College: Exam Season (+ Helpful Exam Tips)!