FFfAW Challenge #196: I Knew

Photo provided by Akshata Ram

I knew that it wasn’t much.

My kids always came back home from school — whining, crying, beaten up. They believed they were different from the other kids because our family wasn’t as financially blessed.

What would they think now?

They would go back to school, and the teacher would ask: “So what did you get for Christmas?”

They would say they got a stuffed animal and some candy- both from the dollar store. That was all their family could afford…

Christmas Day came and my children loved their gifts. Maybe next year I’d be able to find a better paying job, and Christmas could be better.

But that wasn’t what I was worried about; I was worried about the other children.

Would they make fun of my kids? Would they make my kids feel inferior?

Sometimes I don’t know why I asked myself that, because I already knew the answer.

Word Count: 150 words

This was written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge #196!

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