[Flash Fiction] FFfaw Challenge: Vacation

ff round 1.jpg

It was Sunday- the last day of vacation.

I decided to hop out on my kayak for a nice drift. There was a lone couple out there, and even though I loved the glimmer of the sun on the rifts of the water, I loved the shine of moonlight better. I waited until night.

I went out on my kayak, but the couple was still there. I was surprised, but pushed it aside, and began paddling further out into the water.

I was at ease with the tide.

Moments later, I heard a rush of waves coming towards me. They were fast, like paddles. I turned to the sound, and was met with a shocking pain to the side of my head.

All I could see was the silhouette of a woman’s arm reaching for my paddle before I blacked out.

It was Monday.

No one ever saw the couple out on the water that Sunday.

They told me I had too much to drink that night. I went back to work.

Word count: 172 words


Prompt: FFfaw Challenge #193

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